Johnny has partnered with the highly aclaimed Performance based leader in Music Instruction and Performance as a Consultant, Band and Private Vocal Coach.


With 7 Schools in the greater Houston, Texas area, The Woodlands School of Rock has become a home base. Johnny has his own state of the art studio with Audio and Visual teaching aids and is capable of recording vocal sessions.


School of Rock


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Constantly expanding with 200 schools in 7 countries, We believe the best way to learn music is to play music. We take students from the lesson room to the stage, developing both their confidence and musicianship with programs designed for all skill levels.

School of Rock teaches guitar, bass,

vocals, keyboards, drums and combines weekly private music instruction and group band rehearsals to prepare students to take the stage in front of live audiences in an authentic concert setting.


Our instructors live to play and play to live. They are experienced professional musicians that can instruct students on the finer points of their instrument, while at the same time educating them on everything that goes into putting on a great live show.


We teach and perform music that our students love to play and our audiences love to hear. From the fundamental roots of rock and roll through classic rock, funk, reggae, heavy metal, alternative, indie and prog rock - we share, engage and celebrate it all.


Our immersive method inspires our students to be their best. We get them playing music as quickly as possible because we know that is what they want to do. As a result our students become more interested in the theory of music.


We deliver an authentic experience using professional equipment, a staff of seasoned musicians, and performances on real rock stages, at real rock venues in front of real live audiences.